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Karzai and Horns

Well, it has been too long since I have posted anything new, so I have decided to write something. Now, I really do not have anything to say, so it has been difficult to come up with anything. However, I have set up at a coffee shop and I am determined to write something before I leave, or the shop closes, or they run out of this hot wine cider stuff, or they do not run out and I hit my head on the table, or I am otherwise distracted. Such is my dedication to this site.

I am happy to announce that sales of Gregory Gear have remained unchanged and I apologize to everyone who has visited the site to purchase last minute Christmas gifts as those items were never in production. As posted they were a result of too much red wine and too little to do (just like tonight). Yet, I hesitate to take the page down, as I will never get back those 15 minutes.

I have been thinking about writing something about Hamid Karzai, but I have been distracted with boredom and have not made any progress. Had I written it, it would have been very clear that I do not care for the guy. That’s right, great job picking another world leader U.S. Way to use that black bag money.  I’m going to leave it at that ‘cause I may still write the article.

I have fought the urge to write something about horn honking, as I would hate to insult the citizens of my current nation of residence. I am not totally against horn honking. Hell, we use our horns a lot in motorcade operations to remind locals that the matching vehicles being led and followed by police escorts constitutes a protective motorcade. That’s right, it’s not just coincidental that we are all driving matching vehicles (morons). However, the driver of the Mini Cooper or Fiat 500 that lays on his/her Tonka toy horn to alert the vehicle 10 cars ahead that has slowed for a pedestrian to hurry up because he/or she is late for yoga and does so in the middle of a crowded neighborhood because if he/she had to leave their same sex partner to workout everyone else should be awake as well is a prick. Yet, I have not done any research to confirm this prickness outside of interviews with sane people, so I am not quite ready to write that one either.

I guess that’s enough for tonight. Before I sign off I want to comment on the “same sex partner” reference, above. Though not for me, I’m cool with that as a lifestyle choice. Hell, I’m pretty cool with any lifestyle choice that does not hurt others. Live and let live. I just threw it in there because the small mind of the horn honker might find it insulting.

Thanks for dropping by.

Monday, December 16, 2013


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