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Nothing to Say…

That’s right. It has been a while since I have written anything. Since then I have pondered various issues and considered putting something on paper, or whatever, but I have opted not to. If I remember correctly, my purpose for starting this site was simply to write. In the beginning I had lofty goals of focusing on political commentary based on my dissertation. Then one day I decided to write something silly and the visitors to the sight grew 10 fold (for a total of 10). Then, I decided to inject a little Buddhist philosophy and the hits increased along with the comments. On a side note, I rarely publish comments as they are sometimes of a personal nature, but I do read them all and respond to some. However, no matter the intent the content seemed to shadow the relatively complicated life of the real John Gregory, the guy who may be actually typing this, rather than the semi-comical, troubled, and possibly fictional Dr. John Gregory the well dressed, cool, world traveler, and philosopher.

So, possibly one of these two is sitting at a coffee shop in a pair of trendy jeans and a blue tapered button down shirt. He is wearing tan Van’s that are a decade or two too young for him, but not as young as the red and white striped Happy Sox. And, of course, as always, around his neck he wears a small wooden Om pendant on a leather chord that he touches now and then to keep him centered or maybe its just to be sure its still there.

He sits in front of the 11” Mac Book Air that goes almost everywhere with him and beside that is his i5 that he is considering replacing with an i6 soon, not because he cares to upgrade, but because the batteries in these things only seen to last until the next model is launched. On the other side of the computer along with the Ray Bans, that seem to last almost as long as Apple phone batteries, is a frozen drink that he wishes had a little vodka in it, or wishes had a little more. He does not really remember. He seems to be just sitting there looking at his computer and checking his phone now and then as he struggles to find something to write that’s not to personal, because one of them is a relatively private person. At least that’s what it looks like, I’m not sure because today I’m just observing as neither one of them has anything to say.

Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

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