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So, yes, it has been a while.

Today I find myself on a beach. It is a little cold outside, not quite the season to be on the beach, so it’s a bit disserted except for a few sunbathers who I can only guess are crazy Europeans or Russians that think its warm. I stopped writing for a while and considered doing so permanently, at least under a name that people seem to link to mine, because I have been told that the stuff I write is a little personal. I do not reread any of it, so they might be right. But today, with just the right balance of chemicals in my system, I have decided to write.

I’m at a beach café, sitting outside on an uncomfortable red plastic chair, but at least the service is not very good and the drinks are overpriced, so this is where you can find me, when I am here. A month ago this place would have been packed along with the beach, but its nicer now with less people and luckily they have cut down on the number of servers to maintain the same level of service. The drink is pretty good, but I made it easy. Its Whiskey with a little water from two milted ice cubes. I’ve been milking it long enough that I’m starting to get dirty looks from the waitress, but I’m fine because I know I do not need another one. Everyone here just seems to be waiting for the sun to set and this day, page, chapter to be over.

I hope it’s a good one, but I know it is not up to the sun, or the clouds (though they help), or the ocean. Each one of us watching will decide within ourselves if it is a good one based on an uncountable number of factors and personal experiences. Part of that decision will be grounded on how we felt about today and our expectations about tomorrow. For me, today was quiet and that’s fine. Tomorrow, well, quiet will be fine too.

I hope today was worth or will be worth remembering and tomorrow, well; we will worry about that later. The sun is about to set and there is a lone sailboat in the distance just below it. To me, its both beautiful and sad; my kind of sunset. So, I got to go.

Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

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