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Dreams (Preaching, Zwei)

I usually read every comment and post one or two now and then. Some of them come via email since I’ve done such an awesome job of protecting my identity, some through the site, and some in random conversation. I rarely have, if ever, responded to a comment, except for those that wonder where I have gone. They remind me that I like to write, and apparently a hand full of people like to read random stuff on the Internet. So, my response is to try to find something to write, with some hope that someone finds it worth reading. However, it’s always been interesting to me to read the different things that people take away from my ramblings. Clearly, people see what they may need to see, and that’s cool. Apparently, people have found some depth to what I have posted, and that’s cool too, maybe a little crazy but cool.

So, knowing from comments that people find what they want to find, I would not think of correcting them or saying something like, that’s not what it intended, but I’m glad you found something. Hell, I’m just surprised anyone is reading.

However, recently one (or more than one) reader (or readers) has (or have) implied that the post “Preaching” discourages dreaming. That’s just not an interpretation that I endorse. So, though I’m not going change or comment on that post because to do so I would have to read it, and I am just not much of a reader, I will comment on dreaming.

My understanding is that no one knows how much of “this” experience is real. Some postulate that “this” might all be illusion. A quick Google Scholar search using the keywords Reality and Illusion yields over 500,000 results. So, it’s clearly, a topic worthy of some level of scholarly review. If “this” experience could be even in part an illusion, how far is what we call reality from what we call a dream? If that’s true, and it would seem to follow logically, then when we dream or set goals and visualize results, when we internally experience even a part of what we expect to experience when we make the dream reality, how far is that from actual experience? How far is that from reality?

I dream simple things, having another drink, buying an old corvette, a small place overlooking a private beach somewhere… When I dream, I can picture the results; I can feel a bit of the joy that I think will result when that dream becomes reality. In some way at that moment I live part of that dream. Achieving that dream/goal, like finally buying that ridiculously expensive watch, might not even result in the level of contentment that I experience when just dreaming it. And, if I never buy the watch, which seems more realistic, I’ve still through the dream enjoyed wearing it, even if just for a moment. I do not lament the fact that I never bought the watch. My buying the watch was just a dream.

I’m never really sure what it is that I’m trying to say. I think I’m saying… dream. Through my dreams we have all already grown old together; we have lived on a beach; we have driven the Corvette, and I’ve ordered another drink. And, if we do not grow old, live on a beach, wear the watch, or drive the Corvette I’ve already in some way enjoyed it. As far as the drink goes, I’m pretty sure I will be able to experience that one fully, soon.

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Sunday, October 25, 2015

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