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Wow, I almost wrote something serious, but it was starting to suck, so now I’m just writing. I kind of purposely did not write about the recent U.S. election mainly because I did not want to upset my fan base or what most others would refer to as my fan. However, the results of the election may be worthy of comment. Now, I have no public comment about the “winner” of the election because this is a widely distributed international publication and I do my best to abstain from negative commentary about a sitting U.S. president even when they make it soo easy. (My God, just stay off twitter. WTF.) I have no issue commenting on the overall ineffectiveness of the former U.S. president, but I would rather treat him like history will and just try to forget. What is worthy of comment is the violence coming from the left. That’s right, the left. (That sounded so much better in my head.)

Pretty much everything that can be portrayed as evil is supported by the right. We are against gun control because we support violence. And, we go so far as to believe that if we work hard or put more at risk to earn a living, we should not have to share it with lazy parasites who refuse to take a drug test before receiving federal handouts. Yup, bad guys.

Liberals, well, they hold hands, sing kumbaya, smoke weed, and are basically the good guys. They support gun control because they don’t like violence even if the first gun control laws were enacted in New York to make it safer for criminals to commit crimes without fear of facing an armed victim. (Yes, I’m right. Look it up.) And, they believe in the redistribution of wealth because nothing can be better for the future of a country than reducing any incentive for personal innovation or professional motivation. Yup, they are the good guys.

The crazy thing is, since the election, the peace loving, ganja smoking, kumbaya singing liberals have gotten violent. Apparently, nothing supports peace and love more than violent protests or counter-protests. And, surprisingly, some of these peace-loving hippies have guns and are not afraid to use them (from a position of cover against unarmed civilians).

That’s right. After we, the bad guys, put up with eight years of international policies that weakened the country and helped lead to a refugee crisis in Europe without firing a shot, a left wing, short, fat, Napoleon complex, Democrat, who’s friend described as someone who would never back down from a fight went to a ball field and opened fire on a group of unarmed republicans at practice.

I’m not a baseball fan. That’s a whole different discussion of what differentiates a game from a sport. But this liberal American was such a strong believer in the good guy’s political positions of peace, and love, and sharing, that he went to a baseball field to shoot unarmed Americans practicing the American pastime.

Now, there is probably a middle stance somewhere between the good guys and the bad guys that is best. Well, if it leans right, of course. But we are never going to find that without dialog and right now we are not communicating. Six months later, the good guys are still crying about the election results and the bad guys, well they are sucking right now. But, at least they are trying. It’s not all going to work, but it might work better if we just gave it a shot together.

And, if the good peace-loving liberals really want to go to war with the anti-gun control bad right, they might want to reconsider. It would be bad for everyone, but it won’t last long.

So, from overseas, serving from the private sector, get it together America. You are freaking embarrassing me.

I guess that turned out serious after all.

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Monday, March 27, 2017

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