And they stared into each other’s eyes as they had for thousands of years, with each moment the connection continuing to grow to the point that emotions could again be shared, and the memories of their life together relived. And, somehow, with this, once again, came a peace and contentment as through this sharing a limited communication was regained. However, as they continued to share dreams together came a growing pain of separation though only inches apart, separated only by thin glass walls.

You see, they had agreed that they would never be apart and as technology allowed they continued to live together well beyond the ability of their bodies to move or to feel. They agreed that their brains would never die and that their eyes would continue to see, and that they would never be apart. Therefore, spending eternity together in this, their extended, lifetime, if only to look into each other’s eyes.

This evening, after hundreds of years of sharing this deep and deepening connection, after hundreds of years of love and compassion, after hundreds of years of sharing the same thoughts, they shared one final thought. And, as machines that were built to last through eternity began to shut down, from eyes that could no longer shut, onto skin that could no longer feel, fell tears, as together they chose to release this connection that they had shared for lifetimes for the opportunity to hold each other again.

And, as it all began to fade, the memories of a lifetime together and many others in each other’s presence, one thought, one word passed between them, one word that ended their long day with a certainty and resolve to again find each other and share that first nervous kiss and once again wake in each other’s arms to share a love and an energy that defies time.


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Wednesday, October 24. 2018

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