I woke up early this morning to go out for breakfast because, well, it is almost the new year and I will probably try to put myself on some kind of budget that excludes necessities like store bought coffee and restaurant food. It was a beautiful morning with a bright blue cloudless sky. Actually, it has been really nice here since Christmas, unseasonably sunny and warm. I guess I got a little spoiled with the beauty of the last few days. After breakfast, I went back to my apartment to relax. However, at some point while I rested the sun went away.

I found myself walking to work a little slower at first not noticing the difference. Then I looked up. A thin layer of clouds separated me from the warmth of the sun. Even knowing the sun was still there shining, not feeling the warmth or seeing its brightness brought me down. So, I thought about the sun and warmth. I thought about the light shimmering off the leaves and the blue of a clear sky. Then I thought about the darkness that the sun brings by casting shadows and how this layer of clouds did not allow for such contrasts. I think I would rather have the shadows.

I guess if you appreciate the sun and its warmth you have to admire the shadows as well.

I miss the sun, but I know it will return.

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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

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