Which or Witch

(I was cleaning out my computer and found some stuff that did not make the cut. Here is one.)

(This is sooo 2015.)

Well, I had another one of those nights where a dream continues to repeat itself as if telling me to write. However, work and life has been keeping me a little busy recently, so lets see what I remember and if it is even coherent.

First, what I do remember is that I started this little blog to write relatively serious stuff about international affairs; you know, the political kind not the fun kind. Once it was clear that people thought I was a real character and started taking Dr. Gregory seriously, I had to revise my content. Otherwise, if I were me, I would spend a lot more time telling people about how their tax dollar is spent overseas and a lot about the demonstrated incompetence and anti-Americanisms of a major political department of the U.S. government (morons), but I digress.

So, back to the dream…

Apparently, in the dream I, or the character in the dream that I was playing, or maybe it was the character in the dream that Dr. Gregory was having (it all gets so confusing) was going out with a witch. I know what you are thinking, but I guess in dreams and possibly in real life witches can be smoking hot. Now, this whole idea is going to aggravate a lot of people who either are not sure who I am or are and decide to read too much into this, but it was a dream. It had nothing to do with anything. I’m really not even sure why you are reading this. OK, so I guess this person and I were very happy but not, at least not that my character would say, in love. Well, I guess, being happy was not enough for this person (I’m just not comfortable with referring to her as the witch), so behind the scenes there must have been a bit of a conspiracy into which (Which or witch, that’s funny; I should drink less when I write) she brought her coven. One evening as I walked by a meeting of the coven I saw myself (‘cause you can do this in dreams) become distracted and saw/felt my friend touch me on the ankle. I’m not really sure what happened after that, but the next thing I knew was that I woke up (in the dream) with a silly smile on my face, you know the one. It is that silly smile on the faces of the couple across the restaurant that you want to get their own room, the ones that are aggravating everyone else.

So, here is the rub. I know me and I do not really believe in magic, though it is not beyond the realm of possibility (nothing is), I’m pretty sure Dr. Gregory feels the same way (’cause he has a freaking Ph.D.), so I would think that the character in the dream would have felt the same way as well. However, there he was with that stupid smile.

Thanks for stopping by.

Sometime in 2015

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    You’ve been quiet for far too long!

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